Waynes World Timber & Building Supplies located in Botany, Sydney, NSW.  We are a leading supplier of Timber and building hardware.
Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies also trades as Botany Timber Yard.  We service Botany, NSW and Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

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Buy Treated Pine from Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies in Botany, Sydney.  We are Timber Merchants and and help give you advise on any timber or building hardware product Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies stock LVL. (laminated veneer lumber) a high strength wood engineered primarily for structural applications Wood Supplier located in Botany, Sydney. We also Trade under the name of Botany Timber Yard.  Our stock includes - Joinery, primed timber, architraves, moulding, flooring, structural timber, treated pine, Design pine, meranti (maple), Merbau, pacific jarrah, radiata pine, Western Red Cedar, victorian ash, lattice and dowel  Merbau Decking available from Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies in Botany, Sydney, NSW.  We sell construction timber and building hardware. GreenStuf and QuietStuf insulation batts available from Wayne's World Timber and Building supplies located in Botany Sydney NSW Wayne's Word Timber and Building Supplies stock sheet materials - blueboard, MDF, Hardiflex, Gyprock, Plywood, yellow tongue, villaboard, Wayne's World Timber and Building Supplies stock a range of silicone and wood glues.  Sikaflex, Wayne's World Timber sell plywood, Tulsa Plywood, structural plywood and non structural pleywood.  We are located in Botany, Sydney, NSW. Wayne's World Timber and building Supplies sell Yellow Tongues Flooring. Call us now for a fee quote

Velux Skylights / Roof Windows


Guaranteed to Last..........

   10 Year Warranty

for skylights and roof windows.

   3 Year Warranty

on accessories and electric controls.

We supply a range of Velux Skylights and Roof Windows the World leading skylights and roof window.  Current Velux Brochures available instore.   Velux have been making skylights and roof windows in Australia for over 30 years and 75 years world wide. Throughout the  building and construction Industry, VELUX is a known for quality and their products are designed to withstand Australia's climate conditions.  VELUX products are of the highest quality and will perform superbly for a lifetime of faultless service.

Velux Kitchen Skylights are the solution for rooms with no windows or where more natural lighting is required. Skylights can improve the look of any room making it feel bigger. Rooms are filled with natural light making the room more inviting and up lifting for your spirits. Skylights are available in fixed, manual or electric.  Call Wayne's World Timber & Building supplies for a quote of any skylight, roof window or sun tunnel. 

Velux Solar-Powered Skylights.

 Velux touch screen remote control is available with programmable functions.   Velux pitched roof skylight is solar powered

Velux Solar-powered skylights are available for pitched roofs and flat roofs.  The skylight come with a wireless control system which is battery operated and is powered by the sun.  It is available for both skylight and blind operation.  

Roof Windows & Openable Skylight for flat roofs

Velux Roof windows are available in Manual, Electric or Fixed. The Electric Opening Skylight brings in an abundance of natural light into your home and with the touch of a button, it opens to let fresh air in, making this the ultimate VELUX skylight, as stale air is released and refreshed, your home will feel comfortable any time day or night.  

Wayne's World Timber can supply Velux Manual Opening Roof Window lets fresh air circulate throughout your room.  *Various control options.  *Fullrange of sizes and blind options.  *Two glazing options.     Velux Electric Roof Window with the easy and luxury of remote control at your finger tips.  Remote control operation of windows and blinds.  Rain sensors close windows automatically in case of rain.  High performance glazing is standard.  Full range of sizes and blind options.


VELUX Sun Tunnels use toughened glass, on their skylights and are highly attractive.  Their showroom is located at Alexandria.
Before Sun Tunnel was fitted the room dark. Sun Tunnel Fitted. The room is now lit with natural light.

Sun Tunnels

Packages come complete with:

  • Highly reflective and flexible or rigid tunnel (350mm diameter, lengths vary)
  • 4mm toughened glass
  • Dual-layered ceiling diffuser spreads light over 9m2
  • White ceiling ring
  • Outer aluminum & PVC cladding and integral flashings for tiled roofs
  • Easy to install
  • 7 year warranty
  • Sun Tunnels are not suitable for roof pitches below 15°




Fixed Skylights

A fixed skylight will give you the full benefit of the light but no ventilation. Therefore it is suitable for rooms where adequate ventilation already exists. You have a choice of two different types of glazing on most of our sizes. Blinds are also available.

Manually operated top-hung skylights.  Velux opening skylights when air circulation is requred.   Velux Fixed skylight.  Cost effective for creating light filled rooms where adequate ventilation already exists. Energy efficient glazing and the use of blinds ensure heat transference is minimised.  For rooms with adequate ventilation
VELUX Manual Opening Skylights (VS) will give you as much light and ventilation as an electric model. They are manually operated and you have the choice of two different glazing on majority of the sizes. Dependent on the positioning of the skylight, the opening and closing is controlled by a handle or a rod. A Fly screen is included.   Fixed skylights give the full benefit of the light but with no ventilation. Are suitable for rooms which have adequate ventilation. Available with a choice of two types of glazing. Blinds are also available.

Velux skylight with pleated blind
Pleated Blind
Velux Skylight with block-out blind
Block-out Blind
Velux skylight with venetian blind
Venetian Blind


Blinds for FS Skylights

Velux  has a range of blinds available for manual opening and are also availalbe as solar powered. 
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Ampelite Turbo Domestic Ventilators

Roof Ventilators - How many ventilators do larger homes require? Many household dwellings need one but for greater satisfaction allow two for homes 160 - 180 square metres and three for homes 200 - 270 square metres.How many ventilators for larger homes?

Many homes need just one but for greater satisfaction allow (2) for homes 160 - 180 square metres, and three (3) for homes 220 - 270 square metres.


Spinaway Ventilator

Example of the cooling effect after instaling a Spinaway VentilatorThe Spinaway ventilator system is effective all year-round, removing hot or moisture laden air from roof cavities and replacing it with fresh outside air. Greatly improves the interior comfort of your home. ENERGY FREE!

  • Light, and durable aluminium construction.  Free flow 300mm throat.  Complete with base flashing and necessary assembly screws etc.
  • Strong fibreglass reinforced nylon chassis for silent operation.
  • Sealed dual bearing housing for long life.
  • Double riveted pressed vanes for superior strength.
  • Available in Mill and Colorbond colours.

Superflow Ventilator

  • Unique Superflow fan
  • Double riveted, pressed aluminium vanes for added strength and durability
  •  Sealed dual bearing with stainless steel balls
  • Fibreglass reinforced nylon chassis for silent operation
  • 300mm adjustable pitch base 0 deg - 45 deg.
  • Large base flashing
  • Available in Mill and Colorbond colours.

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